This Game is AWESOME!! || Age of Calamity LIVE Playthrough!!

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Thank you for tuning into my stream!!! Feel free to chat as much as you want! Please leave a like on the video, and subscribe if you haven't already to support the channel!!

THIS IS AWESOME!! So far we have just completed the Daruk level in Chapter 2, but today I plan on unlocking more of the champions and playing their levels!!

We will be binge streaming this game on the channel till completion - so feel free to catch up on the past episodes here:

For BotW streams, all of them take place on Wednesdays at 4pm Pacific/7pm Eastern!! All other Zelda/Nintendo streams will be done on my Twitch:

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Due to the surplus of spoilers, I am deciding not to read the chat today (also because I'm gonna be very invested in the experience since its new) Donations and the on screen alert box will also be turned off too.

Lets try to get 500 likes on todays stream!! I know we can do it!! :D
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