This far Cry Still Has the Best Gameplay of All Far Cry ( Far Cry 4 Stealth 2019)

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first: this video is a joke!
Second: the title of this video is just my opinion, my opinion is not the truth! For me this Far Cry still outperforms its successors when it comes to "badass stealth", but it is unquestionable that the gameplay possibilities are greater in Far Cry 5 and New Dawn.

third: i think ubisoft needs to redeem vass for far cry 6, after far cry new dawn many people have lost interest in this franchise!

I hope you enjoy the video, probably this will be my last solo video in this game, forgive me for the delay in posting videos, I'm busy with life: /

MY INSPIRATIONS: StealthgamerBr, Clockner, A sneaky Menace, Shroud.

A sneaky menace pro player channel ( fortnite, far cry):
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