Post Scriptum ‘Carentan’: Is It Worth Playing? (Post Scriptum Review)

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CARENTAN arrives as a new MAP in this Post Scriptum REVIEW Update. Originally intended for the Day Of Days Update – Carentan was released a couple days ago, so let check the gameplay, the visuals – how much nostalgia does it give for Band Of Brothers and even old Call Of Duty maps?
And in this Post Scriptum Review we’ll ask – Is It Worth Playing?

** Full Disclosure = the game developers gave me a Steam code so I could make videos about Post Scriptum **

My original Post Scriptum Review ::
My Day Of Days Update Review ::

Post Scriptum on Steam ::

00:00 - Intro and Background to Carentan Release
00:53 - Carentan in TV, Games & Overall Description
01:59 - Carentan Gameplay and Impressions
03:35 - Complaints
04:50 - Post Scriptum Main Points

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