(POSSIBLE SPOILER) Devil May Cry 5 - This is why Super characters are unlocked after DMD!

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DMC 5 - Dante Must Die - Super Nero vs Classic Vergil


For Busters: keep in mind once you unlock Nero's DT after Mission 20, sure you have a permanent Buster Arm, but the Devil Breaker Buster Arm still does a bit more damage. (For min-maxers)

NOTE: I'm aware you can easily buy the Super characters nowadays(Along with pretty much everything else), but it feels better to earn it through completing DMD, believe me. Just my five cents.

TIPS: Two things I didn't show here:

You can time your sword swings to reflect his swords back at him for a free stun

Later in the fight, he'll teleport to the center. 2 things can happen.

1 - He flies up after channelling his motivation(lol). When he charges at you, you can Buster him just before he hits you.

2 - He'll vanish for a bit, summoning swords around you. A well-timed Gerbera GP01(Neutral input) can take care of them. If you're super good or lucky, you can deflect the surrounding swords AND the raining swords follow-up.

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