Nicolas Najm - Far Cry 5 - Gone Squatchin

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Level Design by Nicolas Najm
Level Art by Dino Litonjua

All images and footage captured using Far Cry 5's Photo Mode and Windows Screen Recorder.


Prepper Stashes in Far Cry 5 are small, self-contained experiences that feature their own distinct stories and challenges. They build on the game's main pillars (Combat, Exploration and Platforming) and offer a change of pace from the main campaign missions by presenting a more cerebral challenge. The player may begin the quest via standard "quest starter" item interaction, but can choose to move far away from them or abandon them entirely. This doesn't trigger a fail state, as they don't have one. In fact, the player can fully complete the quest without having interacted with the "quest starter" at all. Players can leave and revisit the location as they please. These quests can be approached from many angles and solved in different manners. Co-Op drop-in/out is also seamless. These features make the Prepper Stashes highly dynamic and memorable experiences.
Far cry 5

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