Musicians We've Sadly Lost So Far In 2019

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It's a very sad thing when a famous musician passes away - especially when it's someone whose music you've enjoyed for a long time. Here are some of the most famous, notable, and influential musicians of all genres who we've lost in 2019.

Punk rock and disco may be the most fondly remembered musical genres of the late '70s, but during the Ford and Carter years, the real soundtrack of America was provided by the bouncy, unabashedly cheesy love songs of Captain & Tennille.

Pianist and keyboardist Daryl Dragon and singer Toni Tennille met in 1971, soon became romantically involved, and married in 1975 - right around the time they started storming the pop chart. Those groovy sounds came from a guy with a solid musical pedigree: Dragon - who was nicknamed the Captain - was a classical trained music student, and got his first break backing up the Beach Boys during that group's 1960s heyday.

Captain & Tennille's musical reign came to an end in the early 1980s, and the couple divorced in 2014. Dragon died of renal failure in an Arizona hospice at the age of 76.

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