Five minutes of nearly destroyed nature. (+Gibbons)

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Enjoy or cry. Last moments of a singing or is it talking 'White Handed Gibbon'. Indonesia and Malaysia (Borneo) destroy about 51 square kilometers of Gibbons habitat every day, equivalent to 300 football fields every hour. The world's fastest destroyer of forests including these Gibbons and many other apes, monkeys (Proboscis Monkey, Orang Utan), Pygmee Elephants, Birds and many more. I think this beautiful creature, talks with his far away neighbour ape.

Gibbons are (lesser) apes not monkeys!
Guess what they are talking about.....

Camera: Jan van der Meer with Sony HC7
Sound: Tomrig (2 DPA stereo)
Edits: Vegas 8 (tiny MBL)
©Van der Meer Video/ Global-DVC
Zandvoort Holland July 2008
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HD, Travel, Indonesia, Borneo, Kalimantan, Eco, Tourism, Holiday, Jungle, Palm, Oil, Plantations, Gibbon, Orang Utan, forest, clearing, Extinction

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