Far Cry New Dawn PC 1920x1080p Full HD Gameplay Walkthrough Part 6

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Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay walkthrough no commentary. Main mission,trolling and side mission
Gpu:Gygabyte 1660 OC Edition
Cpu:i5 8400
include all cutscene,no editing only splitting video into parts. Full game from Part 1 to boss fight and final mission
Seventeen years after the nuclear explosions that devastated Hope County, life has returned to Hope County, Montana. Endless black rain and wind have given way to blue skies and blooming flora. Humans that survived the bombs now work to rebuild, forming communities across the county. One group of survivors form in California is lead by Thomas Rush. Rush's group dedicate themselves to engineering and bio-farming in order to assist communities across the country. Players assume the role of The Security Captain for Rush's group, and upon arriving in Hope County, they are swept up in a conflict between the Scavengers, the Highwaymen, and New Eden.
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