Far Cry 5 Stuttering bug

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Presenting the stuttering bug, a bug which Ubisoft never fixed since the game release in March 2018.

The stuttering occurs everytime when the game saves. So, after you pick up any item (ammo, arrow,) or show up info box the game is saved, and this is when the stuttering occurs, as you can see in the video.

You can see FPS drops after every saving.

There isn't any solution to this bug. Ubisoft blindly claims it is due to HDD writting speed - that's bullshit (sorry for that), because I have the game on SSD, moreover I tested also RAM disk which is ~8X faster than SSD and the stuttering occured.

The bug is almost undetectable if you start a new game, but after you beat the campaign and take all outposts, you can experience this bug.
The biggest stuttering is in New Game+.

This bug is present also in New Dawn.
Far cry 5

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