Far Cry 5 Random Moments Part 1 - With Deadshock

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Random moments in far cry 5 with deadshock today, which is from what we've played of it so far (aint much think its only like 1 area with a "boss" and start of another area cant remember 100% :P)

Will most likely someday upload a part 2 (maybe more?) when finishing the game with deadshock :P but until then i know i also have some borderlands ill upload at some point before that not sure when though

Vid is late uploaded today because i hope HD will be there when going public :P so i delayed it hoping it'll be if not oh well no point in further delaying it because the day is almost over

Was making a last minute quick edit since i wanted something extra with that last clip than just let it be raw and lastly the subtitles for this one only is when i see deadshock on screen thought i'd try doing it that way 1 time since he does speak english of the time

- Platform i played on: Playstation 4 Pro (PS4 Pro)
- People i played with: Deadshock / Playguy
Far cry 5

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