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Xander knows about a 'peggie' laptop that has the location to Bliss containers. The first step is to get to the Misty River Gas Station. Clear out the cultists, then hack the laptop. Players will have to defend themselves for 90 seconds while Xander collects the information.
Eco-Warriors Story Mission - Faith's region
Eco-Warriors Story Mission - Faith's region

Once he has the Bliss container locations, he will tell you call Adelaide Drubman for a lift. She will be in the player's roster from the previous mission so add her to the squad. She will come in with "Tulip" so make sure the area is safe first. If she is shot down, you will need to head to the next location on your own. It doesn't fail the mission.

Head for the Nelson residence and locate the boat convoy. Follow them either via boat (one is available at the end of a dock in the back) or by air. Follow them (or the river if you lose them) until the Bliss is found. Destroy the Bliss and any cultists in the area. Look for the containers in the buildings and in the train cars. Once all are destroyed. Xander will call on the radio and finish the mission.
Far cry 5

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