Battlefield 5 New Map, New Weapons

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Gameplay of the new map Mercury and some of the recent new weapons like the one shot sniper ( Boys AT Rifle ) you guys asked for. New weapons, new skins, new game modes don't seem to carry the same weight as far as "new content" goes for a game. Maps seem to bring more to the table to break up the repeat gameplay normally experienced in every Battlefield game after a few months. Answers to questions I wish I had are why they haven't spent more development resources on maps before launch and after. I understand there is a micro-transaction angle missing for it but unless they plan to put in Fortnite dancing emotes, animations and skins they can't expect to keep players interested in a game with what they call "skins". Especially when there are bugs still in the game that have carried over from BF1 ( toggle ADS bug ).

The only thing I can think of that would be worse than DICE's current path is DICE trying to force eSports onto Battlefield again like they did before with BF1 where they brought out Incursions almost two years after BF1's launch.

Also after playing so much Division 2 I have to say it's definitely the TAA in BF5 that is headache inducing, so much eye strain trying to focus on everything in the game and the details are all blurry because of TAA. DICE, if you want people to play your game for longer, give us the option to turn off TAA or an alternative AA. I played through all of BF1 with TAA off and I didn't mind the sparkly barbwire and creeks because everything still looked clean or clear. What is it? Clear image, clear focus?

Outro tune "Rise and Fight" composed by Piotr Wojtowicz aka ThePianoMan007 :

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