A Simple Explanation How Bluetooth Works

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My wireless speakers, earphones, hands-free calling – what’s the magic behind Bluetooth tech? How does it all work?
The idea of what we call “Bluetooth” today was first introduced back in 1989. Dr. Nils Rydbeck, who was the chief technology officer at Ericsson Mobile, and inventor Dr. Johan Ullman had this revolutionary idea to develop a pair of wireless headsets. They brought Dr. Jaap Haartsen on to the project. A mere 5 years later, he’d be the engineer who made the breakthrough and came out with the first protocol.
It took a few more years to perfect the technology. But finally, in 1999, they presented their first hands-free headset to the world at the Comdex computer exposition and trade show in Las Vegas.

- Three companies were working separately to create short-range radio technologies that would connect computers and different devices using short-wave frequencies. But since the invention was in its early stages, Intel, Ericsson, and Nokia decided that the best way to proceed was to create a single wireless standard.
- Bluetooth works a lot like Wi-Fi. It uses radio waves to send data between devices at short distances. Now, whereas Wi-Fi uses radio waves to transmit data between your router (where your Wi-Fi comes from) and your device, Bluetooth does it between devices.
- Bluetooth can connect to 8 devices at the same time without any interference from other wireless items like garage doors or baby monitors.
- The Bluetooth transmitters in both your computer and your devices use 79 different frequencies in that range.
- If you’re wondering what devices use Bluetooth nowadays, the answer is almost all of them. Phones, headphones, earbuds, speakers, stereos, TVs, cameras, cars, tablets, game consoles, you name it!
- When Bluetooth first came out, it was really easy for someone to access your data without your permission. But over time this technology has become more secure.
- There’s this trend called bluejacking where a person or company can send you their electronic business card or an ad as a text message using Bluetooth. Of course, when you see that, you either ignore it or panic! But this is something that mostly happens in public places where everyone is using their phones.
- The amount of non-ionizing radiation present in Bluetooth headphones is a lot less than what’s in a typical cellphone.

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