A Far Cry - Reiko Yamada: New Shadows in the Raw Light of Darkness (2008)

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This World Premiere given at A Far Cry's last concert of the 2008-2009 season inside New England Conservatory's fantastic Jordan Hall, Reiko Yamada's (b.1979) "New Shadows in the Raw Light of Darkness" calls for a score of 15 solo string parts.

Yamada states in her own words about the piece:
"The idea of writing "New Shadows..." came to my mind in 2007 after attending some early performances by A Far Cry, and the draft of the piece was started immediately. It was intensively worked on and finished in Taos, New Mexico while I was in a residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation for 5 weeks in March 2008. Having independent lines for each players was one of core elements in this piece from very beginning, and even an idea of assigning each line to particular player crossed my mind since I kind of knew everyone in the ensemble. It did not work out in the end as it was not possible to expect exactly which players would have been performing the piece by the time of the premiere.

The inspirations for the piece came mainly from the collective sounds of A Far Cry that I strikingly remember from some of its repertoire, plus the landscapes and imagery of South West. They were directly translated into the names of each sections. Most of them are self-explanatory, but I tried to add some comments on them:

Nocturne for the clouds; clouds against the moonlight in night sky, high desert, excitement and optimism for unknown future (tomorrow), Serenade for Strings (Tchaikovsky)
Scent of the afternoon; time flowing extremely slow while looking at shadows of your own and others (human and non-human) on the ground (sun is up high), realizing afternoon in new sense
Chorale; Choir of strings, thinking of Bach's intelligence and tender care for each voices
Fugato; Grosse Fugue (Beethoven)
Lyrical nostalgia; childhood memories becoming one in you peacefully, remembering each moment
Waltz; celebration of creativity in a form of dance
Interlude-against the raw light
Dream walk; a walk in your dream, a walk to your dream, a walkway to connect your imagination and reality, the path to come to a reassurance that this music is the reality.

The title, "New Shadows in the Raw Light of Darkness" was given by the American poet, Clark Smith, also an artist-in-resident at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation during my residency, who had witnessed myself working on and talking about the piece, and the piece growing and being completed in a very unique environment."

Reiko is a graduate of Berklee College of Music & Boston University and is founder & artistic director of the JYUGOYA Ensemble. She currently resides in Montreal, pursuing a DMA at McGill University. Visit Reiko's website at www.reikoyamada.com
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